E-Learning Course

The Is IT Green On-line website based course is based on a structured set of materials presented in a modular format originally developed for the  project.

E-learning course assist IT experts and IT manager in small businesses in acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out preliminary energy audits.

It is intended that the Is IT Green Course will be free to use during the period of EC funding and will subsequently be made "free at the point of use" to all qualifying individuals.

The Course Content covers:

  • Investigating energy usage in IT/IS
  • Metering, monitoring and targeting with IT/IS
  • Energy audit in IT/IS
  • Energy management strategy in Green IT/IS
  • Staff awareness campaign for Green IT/IS
  • Energy efficient measures in IT/IS
  • Equipment, processes, materials for Green IT
  • Energy management, standards, regulation – National and EU IS/IT
  • Government support and help for Green IS/IT
  • Energy savings in building with IS/IT

All above IS IT GREEN courses in all partner languages is uploaded on the e-learning platform and is used under MOODLE. The courses of ENERGY-WISE project are also available under MOODLE. 


See: http://moodle.isitgreen.eu

After reading the online course, please complete the feedback questionnaire.