The Project

Why is IS IT GREEN needed?

Since antiquity human activity and technological innovations endanger environmental balance. Any new technology generates more business activity, leading to increased resource extraction and waste and directly menacing natural ecosystems. In the last few decades, ICT accelerated and globalized business activity and many problems emerged as scarcity of natural resources, global warming, and population growth are only few of them.

In contrast to other technologies, information technologies and especially information systems have a large potential to reverse the negative impact. It is estimated that 'Green' IT/IS can have positive impact on the environment with the potential to reduce global emissions by 15% (The Climate Group, 2008). Even dominating corporate reports in the field of green IT/IS state that IT has a potential to create new competitive opportunities, to reduce carbon emissions, and to improve overall business efficiency (Molla, 2008).

The IS IT GREEN project is aimed at improving the skills and the capacity of IT experts IS professionals and IT/IS managers in SMEs across Europe. The Project also seeks to help them to carry out their own preliminary energy audits about energy consumption within their IT and IS infrastructures so that they can appreciate the opportunities for saving costly energy resources within their businesses and so help to improve business competitiveness.

The skills will be provided in a non-formal and ICT based manner which is considered more suitable and attractive to the target audience.


IS IT GREEN project objectives

The main porpuse of the Integrated Systems for Information Technologies more GREEN (IS IT GREEN) project is to increase the ability of European SMEs to improve their energy end-use efficiency so that they can contribute to the European (Kyoto) targets for CO2 emission reduction, save money on their energy bills and be more competitive in the world economy.

The aims of the IS IT GREEN project will be achieved by ensuring that the existing innovative ENERGY-WISE e-learning materials are enhanced by recent best practice experience and are made more widely available to, and adapted to meet the needs of, the greatest number of people across Europe – providing them with the confidence and skills needed to "go it alone".

These aims will be achieved by developing:

  • an e-learning suiteof training materials - which will assist IT experts and IT manager in small businesses in acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out preliminary energy audits.
  • an interactive serious game - which will be based on the previous ENERGY WISE project approach – but  with a focus on the SMEs IT/IS infrastructures and including Web 2.0 instruments to enable more end-user participation, building of communities, developing on-line conversations etc.
  • a best practices, guidance and case studiessection - which will provide additional information to assist SMEs with assess their energy usage

The IS IT GREEN e-learning system will aslo made be accessible using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets (m-learning).


The IS IT GREEN project partners

The IS IT GREEN project has a qualified partnership of 11 organisations from 8 European countries including all the key stakeholders needed for such a project, such as e-learning software development specialists, business organisations, educational establishments and energy agencies.

The partnership will create a Green IT/IS approach to minimising business's impact on the environment in the short term, as well as develop a long-term approach that identifies the key issues for SMEs and allows organisations of all sizes and from all sectors to help safeguard both their own economic future and the future of our planet.

See the “Contacts Page” for more details on the project partners.


Technical developments

The IS IT GREEN project will be based on educational gaming technologies and other e-learning materials which are similar to those developed for the Leonardo Programme supported ENERGY WISE ( project. It will build on the lessons learnt by the ENERGY-WISE project partners and the underpinning technology platforms that they developed.

The project website and associated training materials has been developed by Bulgarian partner Virtech. They have used the DRUPAL Content Management System as a development platform in order to make the translation and amendment/contextualisation of IS IT GREEN materials as straightforward as possible so that new and existing project partners can make changes to the IS IT GREEN website and materials without requiring the technical assistance of Virtech.

UK technical partner, TOTEM, have also enhanced their proprietary games development platform in a manner which makes the translation, amendment and contextualisation of the IS IT GREEN game straightforward and speedy for both new and existing project partners.